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My name is Christopher Stuart. Welcome to my domain. I am currently a third-year PhD student in Clemson University's Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design program (RCID) under the direction of Victor Vitanza. I have a master's degree in Literature and a master's certificate in the Teaching of Writing from Eastern Michigan University. My research interests are the following:

  • Digital Literacy/Electracy

    Stemming from research in digital literacy, I’m currently interested in emergent technology, transference and workflows through games and software, and the composer/consumer relationship.

  • Game Studies

    I research the intersections of gaming and learning in analog and digital games. Areas of interest are typically failure, applying rhetorical principles, ludology, game-based learning, and the MDA framework.

  • Minecraft: Education

    More than a sandbox game, Minecraft has a lot to offer in terms of creative problem solving, spacial reasoning, transmediation, and coding.

  • Inventive Pedagogy

    Rhetorical invention and play is at the core of my pedagogy. This usually takes the form of drafting, fail-fast pedagogy, ludic invention, game-based pedagogy, and transmediation.

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Curriculum Vitae: Full academic resume and accomplishments

Teaching Dossier: Teaching philosophy, course sites, and pedagogy highlights. 

Minecraft Pedagogy: Philosophy, student work, and resources for teaching with Minecraft.