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My name is Christopher Stuart. Welcome to my realm. I am an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at University of North Carolina. 

I'm a firm believer in scholarship in action and base my pedagogy on practical applications to the theories we teach in communication studies. I currently teach Integrated Marketing Communication and research game studies, rhetorics of possibility, and brand communication.

"Rhetorical Invention in a 21st Century Technoculture: A New Ludic Framework for Learning"

My dissertation establishes electracy as a ludic framework which embraces constant ludic invention and the benefit of using this theoretical approach in the composition classroom. The pedagogical approach of electracy embraces and builds on theories of connected learning, workflows, and play. To demonstrate this, I articulate a workflow between play, production, and dissemination through the use of Minecraft: Education Edition and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Digital Literacy & Rhetorics

    Stemming from research in digital literacy, I'm currently interested in emergent technology, transference and workflows through games and software, and the composer/consumer relationship.

  • Game Studies

    I research the intersections of gaming and learning in analog and digital games. Areas of interest are typically failure, applying rhetorical principles, ludology, game-based learning, and the MDA framework.

  • Minecraft: Education

    More than a sandbox game, Minecraft has a lot to offer in terms of creative problem solving, spacial reasoning, transmediation, and coding.

  • Inventive Pedagogy

    Rhetorical invention and play is at the core of my pedagogy. This usually takes the form of drafting, fail-fast pedagogy, ludic invention, game-based pedagogy, and transmediation.

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Curriculum Vitae: Full academic resume and accomplishments

Minecraft Pedagogy: Philosophy, student work, and resources for teaching with Minecraft.

Teaching Dossier: Teaching philosophy, course sites, and pedagogy highlights.