Digital Portfolio


Hi, I'm Christopher Stuart. This digital portfolio showcases some of the creative and technical work I've completed over the last four years as a PhD student/candidate at Clemson University. Here you will find a mix of work completed as a student, graduate teacher of record, and graduate assistant to the Big Tent Digital Literacy initiative, and personally.

I am currently a co-organizer and facilitator of workshops in the Adobe Digital Studio at Clemson University where we teach students, faculty, and staff how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud. More information HERE.

Most of the work below was created using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Clemson Creatives Series

The Clemson Creatives Series started after Clemson University hosted the Adobe Creative Jam on March 1, 2019. The Creative Jam was a 3-hour design jam where student teams competed in one of three categories: Video, Graphic Design, or User Design. I had the pleasure of interviewing 10 participants about their experience; their take on creativity; and why collaboration is important. 

Below you will find the trailer for the series and the first 6 videos.

More information about the interviewees HERE.

More information about the event HERE.

Minecraft Education

I started working with Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom at its launch in November 2016. Since then, I've networked with teachers, administrators, and students all over the world through Microsoft's Global Mentors program. My work has been featured on; an episode of the EngineeringMatters podcast; and a Microsoft Customer Story. I've compiled my work on which is regular shared by the Minecraft: Education Edition team.

Below you will find build videos for classes, my Classroom Heroes video, and Minecraft tutorial videos for my students.

Graphics, Websites, & Documents

Before I went to graduate school, I was a technical writer in practice for a nutrition company where I designed and wrote forms, standard operating procedures, and other internal documents. In graduate school, I started making graphics for my students; posters to advertise classes and events; and learned Adobe InDesign to create tabletop roleplaying game sheets for my players and games.

Here are links to some documents and sites I've worked on: (Personal Site)

Big Tent Creativity Initiative (University Initiative Site)

Dungeon World Plus (Player Sheets and How-To for TTRPG Game [version 1.0])

Curriculum Vita (Personal CV)





Instructional Videos

Both face-to-face and online classes require outside instruction. Below are several videos I've created for my students ranging from how to use Premiere Pro to how to code in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Video Effects and Digital Creativity

I've always had a passion for expression through video. All of these videos explore expression in different ways.

Some videos are video responses to theoretical texts for our RCID805 class. Others are creative interpretations of projects about philosophical works. All of these video use Adobe Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.