Bonus Quests!

Bonus quests are secondary composition tasks that provide an opportunity for extra points towards your overall score. These are not compositions that we will be talking about explicitly in session, but much of what we learn influences these tasks. 

Want to do an extra task?
  1. Choose a task you wish to complete.
  2. Read the FULL description, point values, and submission instructions. 
  3. Complete task.
  4. Send to GM for evaluation. Email subject line should be "Last Name: Extra Credit Name."

Note: The bonus quests are assessed in a critical manner. Just because the task states you may earn 20xp does not mean if you complete the task you will earn the 20xp. All tasks can be revised for more points. 

Quest 1: Concept Art

Composition classes don't always allow all talents to shine, so I wanted to offer an opportunity to all artists. I am looking for artwork for this website and future game-based classes. For each piece of original art submitted, you will gain XP that adds onto your overall level. There are a few parameters to discuss in regards to this quest: Artwork must be original.

  • You must have proof that you created the piece. Make sure you document the process either through Camtasia or screenshots.
  • The piece can be of any style or type.
  • As long as I can capture it digitally (photo, scanned, or digital image), you will get credit.

Potential Points: 15XP

Can be submitted twice.

Quest 2: Play Matters. Seriously!

When was the last time you watched someone play a video game? Your answer may be never. Many video games are not entertaining for the spectator, unless there is commentary. For this assignment, you have the opportunity to sit down and actually observe someone (or a group of people) play a video game. Think about primary research techniques such as observation, interview, survey, and photography. You are trying to capture why video games matter.

Try to focus on a single player if possible, but a group that is playing the same game together is fine as well, in order to find out why video games matter to them. How you approach this assignment is up to you, but you must follow the following criteria for an optimal score:

You must use observation and interview to gather your information (you may use other primary research methods in addition to these)

  • You have to answer the question, "Why does playing matter?"
  • Take a selfie in front of the screen you are observing
  • The essay must be at least 750 words
  • These can also be digital streams where you talk to the gamer after.

Your heading should include: Your Name, Instructor Name, Date Completed, "Play Matters," and Word Count.

Potential Points: 25XP

Quest 3: Giffing a Task Up

For this quest, you are to create an instructional page on how to complete a task by using gifs and text. The lesson and software you choose is completely up to you, but there are a few guidelines:

  • You need to have at least 10 gifs.
  • There should be at least 10 steps.
    • The steps should make clear sense to the audience and should be actionable.
  • If you require assets for the task, please link all assets to the instructions.
  • Include an overview of what the task is, why it is essential, and any information that is important to the task before starting.
  • Include a full example of a completed task.

To make sure your guide is shareable, make your guide on a single page using Weebly. Add gif by adding image.

Guide on making gifs in Premiere Pro: HERE


Potential Points: 25XP

Quest 4: Illustrating Rhetoric

This quest both challenges you to think about rhetoric and making digital arguments.

I'm challenging you to use Illustrator or a similar program to recreate the below image. I suggest choosing a different topic and/or different game pieces to get your point across. The image should be inserted into a GoogleDoc accompanied by at least a 250 word rationale and screenshots or a video showing your process.

Credit to The Mind Unleashed

Potential Points: 25XP

Quest 5: Questing in Minecraft

For this quest, you need to have Minecraft: Education Edition downloaded from

Open up Minecraft: Education Edition, click play, create, and open "Code Builder Tutorial."

Follow the instructions and complete all nine (9) challenges while taking screenshots of each completed challenge. Upload all images in an email, and send to GM.

Quest 6: I can do that better!

For this quest, choose a game manual from any game and redesign it in InDesign or a comparable program. The manual should be at least 6 pages long and should have a mix of text and images.

To submit, send the original pdf, your source file, and a PDF of your remix to the gm.