Welcome to Minecraft: Education Edition

Welcome students, educators, administrators, and builders! This is Christopher Stuart's Minecraft portfolio. Below you will find links to two pages: A teaching portfolio & a dissertation project called Minecraft University. For more information on Minecraft: Education Edition click HERE.

Minecraft University

Minecraft University is a dissertation project completed in April 2020 by me, my wife, and a team of students. The objective was to design and build a university to showcase the research of the dissertation. There are three primary buildings: GBL (game-based learning), Literacy, and Failure. In addition to the university, there is a large welcome center and common build area where the students created their own structures around the procedurally generated Minecraft village.

Minecraft Teaching Portfolio

My Minecraft teaching portfolio is a showcase of my use of Minecraft: Education Edition in the college classroom. Here you will find the worlds I built for my students to explore, assignment suggestions, and student examples. This is a good place to go if you are looking to implement any form of Minecraft in your teaching.